Visions and Values

A Mindset To Succeed

Our Aim:

We aim to create a centre of excellence by building a culture, ethos and organisational structure that creates opportunities for students and staff to master key skills and recognises autonomy within a highly accountable system.

Our Purpose:
We strive to engender an infectious, lifelong, enthusiasm for learning, creating a community with ambition, a sense of self-worth, belief and personal growth who are successful in an ever-changing world.

We seek to engage students and staff by offering a range of quality opportunities and experiences that lead to the highest standards of achievement and mastery of key skills.

We expect our students and staff to:
  • develop qualities of independence, adaptability and creativity;
  • approach situations with positivity and a solution-based mindset;
  • be inspired to learn and to continue learning;
  • understand and demonstrate emotional intelligence and collaborate effectively;
  • be respectful, determined, dedicated and disciplined in the drive to achieve excellence;
  • be socially, morally, spiritually and culturally aware.
Our Values:
We will create and sustain our culture of excellence by operating with:
  • Trust
  • Determination
  • Positivity, and
  • Resilience

We believe in working together and value our role in The Market Drayton Learning Partnership where we have a shared belief in:

self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity

We also believe in the values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

The Marches Academy Trust Vision complements that of The Grove School – ‘Achievement Through Caring’
The Grove School is a vibrant learning community, comprising a very supportive parent body, caring and forward-looking staff, energetic and thoughtful students, a proactive governing body and an ever-developing cross section of community partners. Children are placed firmly at the centre of all we do; we pride ourselves on offering a wealth of opportunities allowing all in the learning community to experience success in many different ways and at a variety of levels.  Our challenge therefore is to constantly seek out new ways to innovate from within the classroom and outside it, as we believe firmly in the need to keep moving forward, so that our young people have the best possible experiences and life opportunities.













The Marches Academy Trust core values:
Excellence – striving always for mastery and personal success
Integrity – consistently acting with honesty, compassion and respect
Empathy – embracing and supporting the uniqueness of every individual
Creativity – inspiring and challenging through invention, experimentation and exploration
Equality – ensuring fair opportunity for all

The Marches Academy Trust Learning Mission Statement
We believe: Successful creative lifelong learners participate in a journey of self discovery. They know how to learn, acquire skills and feel safe to take risks with confidence and courage.