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Current Apprenticeship Vacancies:

The Royal Oak Eccleshall Ltd: Commis Chef Apprentice. 24/11/19.

Walker Engineering Ltd: Heritage Engineering Apprenticeship, Classic Vehicle Restoration – Mechanical. Closing date 30/11/19.

TT Pumps Ltd: Applications/Design Engineering Office Apprentice. Closing date 02/12/19.

CE Back Office Limited: Apprentice Payroll Administrator. Closing date 08/12/19.

Gemma Louise Moss: Level 2 Equine Groom Apprentice. Closing date 18/12/19.

Janet Ann Lane: Apprentice Equine Groom. Closing date 31/12/19.

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External Careers Events

Annual Airbus Apprentice Open Day. Taking place on Saturday 30th November 2019, 13:30 – 16:00. Location: North factory, Airbus North Entrance , off Chester Road Broughton, Flintshire CH4 0DQ. For more information please click here.


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Your Daughters Future

‘Your Daughter’s Future’ was developed with the help of girls aged 12 – 16 who have a wide range of career goals, from politics to sport and midwifery. It sets out what support they want from their parents as they weigh up exam and careers options.

The guide offers parents information on which GCSEs and A levels to consider for different careers. It also contains tips on organising workplace visits to gain experience, managing exam stress and boosting confidence, with tailored information for different ages.

According to the Women’s Business Council, women remain much more likely to work in sectors traditionally regarded as female. 23.1% of women work in public administration, health or education, compared with 8.6% of men. In contrast, only 0.9% of women work in construction, (6.1% of men) and only 2.6% of women work in manufacturing (7.1% of men). This contributes to the gender pay gap. Too often it is because young women lack advice and support to get into these careers and have too few female role models in these sectors to help challenge stereotypes.

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