School Day

A two week timetable operates at The Grove.  Weeks are labelled ‘Week A’ and ‘Week B’

The day consists of 5 one hour lessons

Timings of the School Day

Students are to arrive no later than 08:35am ready to start Period 1 on time

08:40 – Period 1
09:45 – Period 2
10:45 – Tutor
11:05 – Break
11:25 – Period 3
12:30 – Period 4
13:30 – Lunch
14.00 – Period 5
15:00 – End of Day

15:15 – Third Session Lessons*

*Third session lessons take place after the official school day and offer students the chance to study an additional GCSE qualification.  The exact availability will depend on demand, with limited subjects available. ​

We have a thorough extra curricular programme which invites students to take part in a range of activities during and after the school day. Details of the clubs on offer can be found here.