Discovery Day

Discovery Day was held on Tuesday 28th January, with a focuss on topics not covered by the curriculum but relevant and informative for students.

Year 7 and 8 students covered topics such as First Aid, RSE and Environmental Awareness. Year 10 students were busy preparing for their forthcoming Work Experience Programme and Year 11  were motivated and enthused by UK Ambassador for Happiness, Action Jackson who coached students in growth mindset and shared tips for their exam revision.

During the day students were also invited to take part in an ‘Inspired Through Sport Programme’.  Professional Boxer, Derrick Osaze (The Punching Preacher) was in school and delivered inspirational talks following his own school experience, which saw him excluded 13 times and leaving school with no qualifications. Derrick shared how finding boxing helped him to turn his life around through sport.

The students also took part in a 30 minute session focusing on healthy eating, growth mindset and a question and answer session!

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