A successful Discovery Day!

What a fabulous Discovery Day the students of The Grove experienced on Wednesday 25th November. Each year group engaged in a theme-based day and took the opportunity to participate in new and informative experiences. 

Year 7 focused on SELF-CARE: with sessions focused on sleep and puberty. Students learned more about their own developmental stage and then learned practical first aid, before embarking on their First Aid Champion certificate which they will continue throughout the year.

Year 8 were GCSE Students for the day: students experienced eight new subjects in preparation for making their option choices later this year.

Year 9 learned online, creating an anti-cyberbullying campaign.

Year 10 were FINANCIALLY FOCUSED: students learned about future finances including mortgages, managing income, outgoings and interest.

Year 11 experienced a VIRTUAL FUTURES DAY: students focused on future pathways including careers, education, information, advice and guidance; they experienced a virtual careers fair and completed self-reflection activities, considering their future prospects and paths.

Sixth Form students worked with a variety of professionals including Staffordshire University, NCS, West Mercia Police focusing on a variety of subjects including mental health and wellbeing, finances and aspirations.




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