Remote Education

Introduction to remote education

Remote Education Provision

The Grove School remote education provision

Accessing Teams

Here is a video to show you how to access your ‘LIVE’ lessons by joining the meeting sent by your teachers.

How to join a Teams lesson

All of your work will be set in Assignments on Teams – here are help videos on using Assignments and submitting work – your teachers will clearly explain how they want you to submit your work.

Getting started

Using Assignments on PC or laptop

Using Assignments on mobile or tablet

Accessing Teams via xBox and PlayStation

Tinting screen

Find below support on how to put a tint over the screen of different devices – Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, phones etc.

Remote Education Backgrounds

This is an essential support tool for many students with dyslexia and other needs.

However, it can also support all users who may struggle with screen fatigue or sore eyes when using devices more than usual. A pale pastel colour is often most helpful in this case.

Additional Information