Meet our newly appointed Student Leadership Team

We are pleased to introduce our new Student Leadership Team!

Year 7: Eloise Horrigan, Scarlett Highfield, Matilda Frost and Louise Brown.


Year 8: Caitlin Monaghan, Addy Virgo, Hayley Partridge, Charlotte Pierce-Stevenson and Codi Allman.


Year 9: Jacob Savill, Olivia Lutner, Seb Urquhart, Toby Springle and Keanon Allman.


Year 10: Valeria Paslar, Lottie Frost, Ambs Dewey, Caitlin Munt and Georgia Ingham.


Year 11: Lizzie McEwan, Tanisha Dewey, Tyler Hems, Jade Guildford and Emily Wong.


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Sixth Form: Maddie Lowe, Max Tabor, Jess Brown, Layla Weldon and Chloe Dudleston.


These fabulous students successfully applied and interviewed in October and are already planning amazing events, initiatives and projects for The Grove School and the wider community.

Last week, the Student Leadership Group introduced their first charity event to their respective year groups: Reverse Advent – Market Drayton Foodbank Drive. For more information, watch our latest ‘Talking Heads‘ vlog, available to view below:

We look forward to sharing more example of the Student Leadership Group’s excellent work in the near future!

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