Students gain opportunity to contribute towards real science

The Grove School has now received a very exciting new piece of hardware in the form of a dual dipole antenna radio telescope, designed to be able to make observations of: sunspots, solar flares, the storms on Jupiter and cosmic background radiation.

The equipment has been funded by a grant from the Institute of Physics and the telescope itself has come from NASA and is allowing us to work with them on their Radio JOVE project. Our observations will be uploaded to their central database, allowing our students to contribute towards ‘real’ science.

The telescope will be used primarily in science lessons to teach astronomy sections, waves and the electromagnetic spectrum along with other related topics. It will however be available to all students across the school when not in use for lessons so that we can make further observations and contribute even more.

If any parents would like to come in and have a go with the equipment, see how it works, make use of it, please contact the Science faculty who will be more than happy to help. We are wanting to increase our space education facilities and options, so this is the first step towards that.

Please visit: for further details on the project.

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