Community Rally Together | Funding secured for replacement kiln

In an exciting turn of events, The Grove School and Sixth Form is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of funding for a much-needed replacement kiln, thanks to the overwhelming support from the local community.

The previous kiln, a much used fixture of the school since its opening in 1958, recently became unserviceable, posing a challenge for students to access crucial ceramics education. This situation was especially frustrating for the school given the high socio-economic deprivation of our catchment area and our commitment to promoting equality and ensuring diverse opportunities for every student.

Mrs Clarke, Teacher of Art and Design at The Grove School, expressed, “The pottery kiln housed at The Grove has been in active use since the school was first opened in 1958! It has always supported a significant part of the Art Department’s curriculum experience, being utilised to develop skills in Key Stage 3 and supporting practical elements of both GCSE and A Level coursework, whilst also generating confidence, success, and high levels of achievement for our students”.

The Drayton Arts Festival team, led by Suzanne Edwards, emerged as a key ally in our fundraising efforts. Through local donations and community events, including an exhibition of alumni pottery at the school, they played a vital role in generating funds. Brian Stanbridge, Chairman of the PMI Trust Fund, was moved by our appeal on BBC Radio Shropshire and generously donated £1,000 to our cause. Going the extra mile, he even sourced a perfect second-hand kiln to meet our needs. Donations from the Market Drayton Festival team then were put towards the refurbishment and transport of the kiln.

A heartfelt THANK YOU extends to everyone who contributed to our appeal and fundraising efforts, with special recognition for Mrs Clarke, whose dedication to the campaign has been outstanding. Captured in the accompanying photographs are moments from the Art Festival Week, showcasing the community of Market Drayton coming together to support the kiln fundraising. This truly has been a community project!


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