Students accepted onto prestigious STEM Potential Programme

A huge Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who have been accepted onto the prestigious STEM Potential Programme, which is run by Imperial College London!

Valeria Paslar
Kayla Eaton
Georgina Ingham
Ellie Pankhurst
Tabitha Fish
Richard Howells
Liam Neville

Students were nominated by their teachers for the programme, which provides multiple opportunities to work with Imperial College London, in partnership with Shrewsbury School over the coming years. The scheme will provide our students with the opportunity to develop key ‘soft’ skills, make informed career and A Level choices and when the time comes, university applications too. The programme recognises the significant ability and promise shown by these students in key STEM skill areas, meaning that they will now be afforded a range of development opportunities and when it is safe to do so, will visit Imperial College London.

We look forward to seeing these talented Grove students growing and working toward future places at Imperial College London or other Russell Group universities.

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