The Grove School and The Birmingham Repertory Theatre Forge Dynamic Partnership

The Grove School is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, solidifying a commitment to enriching the artistic landscape for students and the community alike. This innovative collaboration will foster a range of creative opportunities over the coming years, promising to inspire and nurture budding talents.

Central to this partnership is the establishment of an artist-in-residence, where a distinguished representative from The Birmingham Repertory Theatre will be based at The Grove School. This residency will serve as a beacon of artistic excellence, providing invaluable mentorship, guidance, and hands-on experience for students aspiring to pursue careers in the performing arts.

“We are delighted to partner with The Birmingham Repertory Theatre,” expressed new Headteacher at The Grove School, Mitch Allsopp, “I have worked with The REP previously and know the richness that they will offer our students and our community. We are the only school in Shropshire to currently have this opportunity – all part of our new and exciting era here at The Grove School.”

The collaboration will include a diverse range of initiatives, including workshops, masterclasses, and collaborative projects, designed to give students of The Grove School rich exposure and a deep appreciation for the performing arts. Through the different experiences, students will have the chance to explore various aspects of theatre production, from acting and directing to stagecraft and technical design.

The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, added; “We’re really looking forward to building a partnership with The Grove School and giving more young people a chance to see how Drama and Theatre can truly enrich their learning, creativity, and confidence. This partnership involves working closely with teachers from the school to curate activities that not only meet the curriculum needs of the school but also provide young people with opportunities to find creative solutions through their learning. We bring the theatre sector to the school, providing access to performance opportunities in the theatre, engaging in discussions with staff who work across a range of careers in the arts, and, most importantly, enabling students to bring their individuality to the classroom. We’re thrilled to witness the talents of The Grove School.”

“We believe that the arts have the power to transform lives and enrich our community here in Market Drayton” added Mitch Allsopp. “Through this partnership, we are excited to develop and foster a culture of creativity, inclusivity, and innovation, where every student has the opportunity to shine and we will make their own success inevitable.”

The partnership will officially begin in September 2024, though events leading up to this will be planned throughout this summer term.

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