Year 7 recognised for their fantastic achievements

Henry Jenkins 7EGR – Creativity:

Henry has created this fantastic, creative, varied piece of work over the weekend as a summary of some of the things he learnt in school over the first couple of weeks. This was not set as homework, he took his own initiative to create this work and handed it to his tutor, Miss Griffiths. There is a range of work including science, geography, and mathematics showing a real desire to learn and go above and beyond – well done Henry!

Maisie Pullar – 7EHA – Excellence:

Maisie has made an awesome start to her time at The Grove School. She received the most Attitude to Learning (ATL’s) scores of 1 across the whole school, gaining a grand total of 17 over her first eight days. She was rewarded with a surprise chocolate bar and a big round of applause from her class mates. This is an amazing achievement – she has set the bar extremely high and is already developing into a model student. Great work, Maisie!

I would also like to recognise the whole of the Year 7 cohort for their excellent start to their time at The Grove School. All students have shown a great desire for learning and have already begun to understand and demonstrate our values of excellence, empathy, integrity, creativity and equality in various ways – Keep it up Year 7!

Mr Shone
Head of Year 7

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