Student Ambassador Team

Our students are at the heart of everything that we do at The Grove School and we are very proud that our student ambassadors play a fundamental role in the day to day life of The Grove School.

Our Student Development team aim to help students make progress, whether that be with their work or making decisions about their future.  To support students, they hold revision sessions in the library during Wednesday lunchtimes.  At these sessions, students from Grove Sixth Form help our main school students with revision techniques. They will also use this time to answer any questions from younger students regarding examinations and different coping mechanisms.

The students are pleased to be using their experiences and expertise in such a supportive way. They are also keen to use their experience of further education to help give advice about students’ future plans, so they will be having a greater involvement in activities such as Careers’ Conventions.

Our Student Welfare team aim to support students in feeling safe and happy at school and for students to feel able to be themselves without fear of judgement.

Again any student can use this or their Bother Box.  To support our strong belief in celebrating diversity, the Welfare Team have displayed posters of famous LGBT people in school and sent a video to all staff and students about LGBT history.  They are also actively involved in our Mental Health Awareness work and have produced many of the resources and activities for our Mental Health Awareness weeks.  They have participated in a Wellbeing Evening and a fundraising event for the Samaritans’ Charity where they work closely with the Community and Charity group of ambassadors.   They were excited to raise our Pride flag as part of our Colour Run in the summer term: a commitment to our celebration of diversity.

This Community and Charity Group has also been working on a community garden for the people of Market Drayton.  They are proud to be working with the junior schools as well as the local council.  They had been donated a piece of land by the Mayor and are working on a design that will represent all of the schools.  This group also works with the school councils in our junior schools and represents the Grove in the Market Drayton Learning Partnership.

The Celebration and Achievement Ambassadors are working with staff on a rewards’ policy that is inclusive and fair.  They are concerned with recognising academic and non-academic achievement. Alongside the ambassadors for Stretching Learners they aim to ensure that every student comes to school feeling that that they have been truly challenged and supported, allowing nothing to hinder their potential to achieve excellence.  They have introduced a Student of the Week scheme, with each faculty choosing one student each week whom they believe has gone the extra mile.  They are extending this to Student of the Term and currently working on a Learners’ Fayre, with the intention of displaying the wonderful work of The Grove School students and Grove Sixth Form in a gallery.

The ambassadors have a new base this year in the library and are around and about the school to talk to students and support them in whatever way they can.