“The Marches Academy Trust seek to ensure that all students receive a full-time education, maximising the opportunities for all to realise their true potential.  We strive to create a learning environment where all students have the skills, knowledge and recall to access the full curriculum and achieve success every day.

We believe that success in school underpins all our efforts to improve attendance.  Where student’s attendance is impacting on achievement all school staff within the Trust will work with students and their families to support them in getting their children to school, on time, and every day.

We aim to support and encourage attendance, and resort to statutory action only as a last resort.”

Did you know?

90% attendance means that a student is missing half a day’s school a week?

95% attendance means that a student will miss two weeks of school in a year?

93% attendance or better gives a student a 73% chance of achieving 5 GCSEs, Grades 9-4, whatever their ability?

If a pattern of attendance gives cause for concern, or attendance drops below target the EWO will contact the parent/carer.

There are 190 school days in a year leaving 175 in which to take holiday?

Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: My child is unwell, what should I do?
A: Please call the school absence line by 8.30am and no later than 9am on 01630 652121, leaving a message stating your child’s name, tutor group and a brief explanation of the nature of the illness. A call is requested for every day of absence unless you have spoken directly with the Attendance Officer.

Q: Why do I need to call every day?
A: We cannot assume that a student is unwell just because they were off school the previous day. If you believe an absence due to illness may be prolonged please contact us so that we can make arrangements to avoid you calling daily.

Q: I know in advance that my child needs to leave school early for an appointment, what should I do?
A: Please send your child to school with a note in their planner stating the reason they need to leave school and the time you wish to collect them. The note should be handed in at Reception.

Q: I have just remembered that I need to collect my child during the school day, or I have forgotten to send a note in his/her planner, what should I do?
A: In the first instance, please call us, 01630 652121. However, it is not always possible to locate students straight away, for example during lunch or break times.

Q: I wish to take my child out of school for a Family Holiday (or other reason) during Term Time.

Leave of absence will only be granted in Exceptional Circumstances, and can only be authorised by the Headteacher. Exceptional Circumstances are defined as ‘one-off’ occasions where a request for leave of absence is unavoidable and does not cover annually occurring family holiday. Please complete a Leave of Absence Request Form, available from the Attendance Officer, and submit no later than two weeks prior to the start of the leave. In order for the Headteacher to reach an informed decision, please include as much detail as possible to explain why Exceptional Circumstances apply.

We ask all parents/carers to not contact your child directly by phone or text. Students may have their mobile phones in school but they must be switched off and in their bag at all times.

To view our Attendance Policy, please click here.