Support and Guidance

Care, Guidance and Support

At The Grove School it is a fundamental principle that every child is important and our central aim is for all students to reach their full potential.  For this to happen, not only are quality teaching and learning essential, but each child needs to feel safe, secure and supported.

Our student support system exists for these key reasons:
  • To monitor student progress and help them to be actively involved in their own learning by setting targets and planning how they can best improve.
  • To ensure that each student has, in their Tutor, an adult that they can turn to if they have problems.
  • To provide opportunities for students to be involved in a full range of school activities, including competition.
  • To give a structure in which good behaviour and successes can be rewarded and negative issues such as poor behaviour or attitude to work, problems with attendance or punctuality or lack of progress can be addressed.