At The Grove School we are committed to developing 21st Century Learners: confident, collaborative, independent and digitally literate young people who are fully equipped for future study and work in the modern world. The Chromebook 1-1 Programme is designed to give our students access to the learning tools and online resources that can help further their progress. One of the key objectives of this programme is to give parents/carers choice over which device they would prefer their son/daughter to have. We have worked with the creators of the programme to offer a choice of devices that will integrate with the learning tools that we are providing.

This is an opportunity for all students to have access to a portable mobile device, which will enhance their learning for a fixed monthly payment. This provides the student with a personal device that can be used at home or school, and also includes all necessary insurance, warranty costs and software. Please visit the portal at to browse the equipment available and, if you need assistance placing an order or for more information on the scheme, use the details provided to get in touch. I hope you will support us in our efforts to enable all students to achieve their academic potential through use of the best available technology.