Strong partnerships breed success

The Grove School, Market Drayton offers a balance of academic progress and tailored pastoral support which is shown in the GCSE results where students and staff are celebrating.

The staff work closely with students to offer tailored support in order to ensure each and every student reaches their potential. The best results have been seen where there is an effective working relationship between the student, teacher and parents; they work together in order to ensure the student gets the best from their education and has resulted in those students exceeding their challenging targets.

It is exciting to see the top performing students continue their education in The Grove Sixth Form from September offering a continuity in education which leads to many studying at top universities.

Headteacher of The Grove School, Sonia Taylor added: “I am so proud that all students and staff have worked so hard which is evident in the results achieved. Many results have been achieved with the full support of parents working closely with the school. We have a specialised team here at The Grove School meaning we can offer every student a first class education”

The Open Evening will take place on 3rd October which prospective parents and the community are invited to. Mrs Taylor will showcase the school facilities and introduce the team that worked hard to make these results happen. More information can be found on our website.

Notable achievements:

Leia Taylor 2 x Grade 7, 3 x Grade 8, 6 x Grade 9 and an A in Further Maths

Max Tabor 1 x Grade 6, 4 x Grade 7, 4 x Grade 8 and an A* in Further Maths

Tom Heather 1 x Grade 6, 6 x Grade 7, 3 x Grade 8 and an A in Further Maths

Edison Lee 2 x Grade 6, 2 x Grade 7, 3 x Grade 8, 1 x Grade 9 and an A in Further Maths

Letitia Lovatt 2 x Grade 6, 4 x Grade 7, 1 x Grade 8, 2 x Grade 9, A* in Further Maths and Distinction* in Sport

Dan Astbury 3 x Grade 5, 5 x Grade 7, 2 x Grade 8, B in Further Maths and Distinction* in Sport

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