Discovery Day | Our first of the academic year

On Monday we had our first Discovery Day of the year, where students took part in a number of discussions and activities which are extremely relevant to young people today. 

Year 7 took part in lessons with a focus on the topic of building positive relationships with others. The students also created a Community Pledge with Mr Shone – they will be working towards making an impact in the local community throughout the year.

Year 8 had discussions surrounding staying safe online and discovered how much of a ‘digital footprint’ they create when they go online.

Year 9 looked at the way their online behaviour could affect their mental health and also set about creating a mental health campaign that we will use as a school for our own online output.

Year 10 looked at dealing with their ‘inner chimp’ with Mr Pledger. They also looked at supporting their mental health by creating a ‘Mental Health Charter’ for Mrs Roberts which we will be using school-wide.

Year 11 had some mental health coaching from Mrs Taylor and also looked at the importance of having a good sleep pattern in preparation for exam seasons.

In Sixth Form, the students looked at road and driving safety courses in preparation for learning to drive. They also had a visit from Staffordshire University who talked to the Sixth Form about personal statements, providing some top tips for students applying to university.


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