The Grove School General Election

We have been encouraging our students to show an interest in the recent General Election. One of our main aims is to educate all of our students so that they are well prepared for life in modern day Britain, so it is crucial for them to take the time to learn about how our democracy works. Leading up to the election Mrs Taylor has given a summary of the expectations that we have of the Government and the different services that are provided in our country. She also gave an introduction to the main political parties and the issues facing the UK in the present day. In order to give our students the opportunity to vote we held our own General Election in school during tutor time on Thursday morning. Each tutor group had their own ballot box and all students, staff and visitors were asked to vote. At lunchtime our student ambassadors gathered to count the votes under the scrutiny of our adjudicators. We can now reveal The Grove School General Election results as follows:




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